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Real-time 3D Graphics Programmer

Do you have experience programming with real-time 3D graphics, assembly demos or 3D game programming? If you have interest in creating cool interactive visualizations for automotive applications, we have the perfect new job for your summer job change.


Senior Compute Engineer

If you want to transition from graphics programming to GPGPU computing, or are a native compute engineer, we have something for you. Automotive is a new realm of practical product development, more and more high-end graphics and computing functions are needed to make our world safer and more efficient.


Senior Graphics Developer / Specialist

If you are highly stimulated by graphics APIs and game engines and C++ and Raytracing and Ambient Occlusion and Variable Rate Shading.


Senior Embedded SW Engineer (QNX)

Do you have previous experience on QNX, and heavy interest using computer vision for automotive software development? If you are an embedded aficionado, you need to migrate over to the primary automotive software company in Finland!


Senior Embedded SW Engineer (Diagnostics)

Are you metaphorically turned on by using computer vision for automotive software? And if C++ and ECU diagnostics are your thing, you now get to work on this type of work in Helsinki. This place is awesome!


Senior SW Test Automation Engineer (Embedded systems)

Do you enjoy testing complex automotive software, and want to build test automation from scratch, in Helsinki? Oh sweet mercy this is the perfect job for you!


Senior Embedded
Graphics Engineer

Are you interested in embedded development with modern C++ and Vulkan? Do you find pride in making low-powered hardware run fast and do things no-one thought it could do? We have a real technical challenge, not for the faint hearted, so brace yourself.


Open application

During 2022 we will be looking for new team members mainly for technical roles. In case you feel passionate about our area of expertise and you would love to make the world run with less, feel free to send your open application to jobs@basemark.com. We will hold on to your application for six months and will contact you in case a suitable vacancy opens.