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VP Sales US,
Automotive Software

Is your passion towards software-defined vehicles real? Meaning, have you already been an enabler? A driver so to speak? We have an industry disrupting SW that needs selling, to OEMs. It’s hot cakes I’m telling you, and we need the right technical sales leader with the right relationships in place to work it. Are you the one?



We are looking for an artist who likes to tinker with asset production and visual effects, achieving them in all kinds of environments, under all sorts of limitations. If you like to create your own models from scratch and you also know how to optimize high-end art for cinematics or games, we want to meet you.


Senior Graphics Developer / Specialist

If you are highly stimulated by graphics APIs and game engines and C++ and Raytracing and Ambient Occlusion and Variable Rate Shading, but are sick of the CRUNCH time pressures at game companies, we have a hot new position for you..


Technical Artist / VFX Artist, Automotive Projects

Automotive continues to explode in Finland of all places! Maybe one day we will build a car here which the world loves like the old Nokia days…or maybe the author of this job ad is completely off his rocker? Yes, yes! In lieu of that magic actually happening, Basemark continues to propel Finland’s automotive push in the global race to get cars driving autonomously (safely). Our R&D is already deep into our own ambitious automotive software platform. Now it’s time to focus on our Professional Services division…


Technical Product Owner, Automotive Benchmarks

Have you let the concept of autonomous driving actually sink in? It’s not a question of will this happen, it’s a question of when. We are Finland’s primary automotive software company on this pathway, and we have an ambitious mission ahead of us. Are you the one to own and (figuratively) drive one of our flagship products to global domination?


C++ SW

We are now looking to extend our Professional Services team in Helsinki. This team provides autonomous drive & human-machine interface development services to Basemark’s customers in Germany. The work is similar to game programming but for the real world.


Open application

During 2021 we will be looking for new team members mainly for technical roles. In case you feel passionate about our area of expertise and you would love to make the world run with less, feel free to send your open application to [email protected]. We will hold on to your application for six months and will contact you in case a suitable vacancy opens.