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Test Architect

We need someone with technical maturity to join our DevOps Team who can help us bring Behavior Driven Development practices as well as various testing strategies into reality. We are looking to hire what we call a ‘Comb-shaped employee’. Essentially this is a generalist, with several specialties – notably Test Architecture.


Software Generalist,
AR Studio

We are seeking a highly motivated and talented Software Generalist to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience in multiple areas of software development, testing, packaging and be able to adapt to new technologies and programming languages quickly.


VP Engineering

We have a new position open! After promoting from within and consolidating and reorganizing our tech expertise and human energies onto the right teams, we are now finally ready to hire someone to run the show.


C++ Android Developer, Augmented Reality for Cars

Do you want to work with Devs who are pushing Augmented Reality forward in cars? We are THE workplace in Finland concentrating on this, for the last couple years already.


Senior AI Engineer

Do you want to come enhance and shape our blossoming AI team, while building machine learning models that will be used to control millions of cars, in an effort to make driving safer?


Senior Embedded
Graphics Engineer

Are you interested in embedded development with modern C++ and Vulkan? Do you find pride in making low-powered hardware run fast and do things no-one thought it could do? We have a real technical challenge, not for the faint hearted, so brace yourself.


Open application

During 2022 we will be looking for new team members mainly for technical roles. In case you feel passionate about our area of expertise and you would love to make the world run with less, feel free to send your open application to jobs@basemark.com. We will hold on to your application for six months and will contact you in case a suitable vacancy opens.