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Technical Sales Engineer - 3D UI Demo

Do you have an engineering or computer science degree, Demo experience too but now genuinely curious about sales, customers and the hot autonomous drive / automotive industry? We are one of the few Finnish companies concentrating on this booming global sector. Now we have an opportunity for a technical person based in Finland to learn the business side of some next level 3D graphics products and beautiful software set to revolutionize autonomous drive! Come see for yourself:


Senior Graphics

Holy Vulkan snow! It’s here! (well, until it starts raining again) Finally, living in Finland in Winter actually resembles winter, in Finland! Before you call in sick to go play outside and make snow angels with your neighbor, let me ask you: are you a rigorous renderer? Are you an avid METAL fanboy/girl? If you are turned on by graphics APIs and game engines and C++ and Raytracing and Ambient Occlusion and Variable Rate Shading, but are sick of the CRUNCH time pressures at game companies, we have a hot new position for you..


Senior Graphics Developer

Say this statement 4 times fast: I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer! (that was even difficult to type). Are you interested in graphics and game engines, but don’t want the typical crunch like at game companies? When you grow up, do you want to be a Specialist in Graphics and Compute, or maybe to become a Researcher in this field? If you know about Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric effects, Denoising and rigorous rendering, this is THE job..


Senior Technical Artist

Are you an artist, yearning for the freedom to create? Let me guess: you’re all about playing with visual effects, achieving them in any kind of environment, under all sorts of limitations. You are hellishly creative and you create your own models from scratch yet you still know how to optimize high-end art for cinematics or games. At this point in your career, you want to simultaneously keep up to date with the latest updates in graphics, and you are ready to see your work in a new environment. Check, check, check, check, check check check.


Open application

During 2021 we will be looking for new team members mainly for technical roles. In case you feel passionate about our area of expertise and you would love to make the world run with less, feel free to send your open application to [email protected]. We will hold on to your application for six months and will contact you in case a suitable vacancy opens.