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Senior Graphics Developer

Say this statement 4 times fast: I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer, I am a rigorous renderer! (that was even difficult to type). Are you interested in graphics and game engines, but don’t want the typical crunch like at game companies? When you grow up, do you want to be a Specialist in Graphics and Compute, or maybe to become a Researcher in this field? If you know about Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric effects, Denoising and rigorous rendering, this is THE job..


Senior Compute Engineer

Are you typically the smartest person in the room but because you are relatively humble, it’s only between your inner voices you admit and share that awareness? Even if you aren’t interested in redefining Nerd is the new Sexy, how about coming to work with other bright and like-minded technical talents? If you have experience in high-end mathematics and like to solve problems using algorithms and parallel computing, this job is for you.


Senior Software Engineer Generalist

Clean code, elegance in programming, in a safety critical area… high quality strictly written code…… do these lines encapsulate you as a programmer? Some people are masochists, other people want to blow the world up (think Joker, in the Dark Knight, but as a coder). A select few want to help others…..helping improve code, cleaning and tidying it up, while working on different platforms at the same time, different operating systems, between DevOps and the codebase.


Senior Technical Artist

Are you an artist, yearning for the freedom to create? Let me guess: you’re all about playing with visual effects, achieving them in any kind of environment, under all sorts of limitations. You are hellishly creative and you create your own models from scratch yet you still know how to optimize high-end art for cinematics or games. At this point in your career, you want to simultaneously keep up to date with the latest updates in graphics, and you are ready to see your work in a new environment. Check, check, check, check, check check check.


Senior Graphics & Compute Engineer

Indian Summer, Vulkan-A! I knew it was wise not to put my shorts and sandals in storage just yet… But before you break out your frisbee and book those pseudo Teams/Slack meetings after 2pm that say ‘Busy’ so you can meet your friends in Kaivari for one last end-of-summer hurrah, please spend a few minutes considering a wise career move. We are a 5-year old Finnish based scale-up software product company, meaning we are growing now, aggressively looking for only the top software talent Finland has to offer.


Open application

During fall 2020 we will be looking for new team members mainly for technical roles. In case you feel passionate about our area of expertise and you would love to make the world run with less, feel free to send your open application to [email protected]. We will hold on to your application for six months and will contact you in case a suitable vacancy opens.