Basemark Automotive Test Suite is the essential performance evaluation tool for anyone choosing or developing an automotive SoC

Basemark Automotive Test Suite

BATS has been designed for the needs of automotive industry OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and SoC & IP companies.

Basemark has a long experience in embedded and mission critical applications. Our expertise in benchmarking, graphics, and compute solutions offer a holistic solution for all levels autonomous drive ecosystem software and hardware development.


What is BATS?

BATS is the choice of automotive industry to select and validate the optimal processor/SoC for instrument cluster, IVI and autonomous drive systems. BATS enables analysis of required workloads on target SoC to optimize bill of material costs, power consumption, and performance capacity for both current and future roadmapped systems.  The Basemark Automotive Test Suite greatly reduces risk in R&D, sourcing, and longevity in the entire vehicle lifecycle from pre-planning to after-sales.

Real-life Workloads

BATS is designed to provide objective data and enable a professional analysis of different SoCs to select the best match for R&D software specifications. BATS features real-life workloads for machine vision, instrument clusters and IVIs. Tests may be run in parallel to make deterministic system evaluations; for example adding L2 or L3 automation to an existing vehicle system with just one SoC or planning a new L4 or L5 autonomous system with multiple SoCs. BATS can also demonstrate how many screens, cameras, and algorithms can run simultaneously in a given system.

BATS Orchestrator

Automotive Grade

Basemark has successfully partnered with world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies developing L4/L5 autonomous drive, in-cockpit AR applications, instrument clusters and IVIs for major car OEMs in Europe and North America. This experience coupled with our strong pedigree of building industry standard performance measurement software makes us uniquely qualified to design and implement high quality and relevant automotive SoC evaluation tools.

BATS 1.0 Alpha Release Image Gallery


Targeted Users Groups

  • SoC and silicon IP companies
  • Automotive OEMs
  • Tier1 suppliers

BATS is built using real-world technologies and with the knowhow of Basemark as one of the leading players in HMI and Autonomous Drive (AD) software.

BATS enables you to modify workloads and configurations to perform “what-if” type of scenarios.

For example: “How can I ensure that the SoC we choose today will support our production roadmap in the future? “ or “What optimization parametres should we choose in our software development in order to deliver on-time to the market?”

Content of BATS 1.0

  • Orchestrator – a test configuration application for Windows & Linux
  • Test Suites – real world implementations running on the target hardware
    • Machine Vision tests
    • Digital Instrument Cluster rendering tests
    • Head Unit IVI rendering tests

Full specification is available for interested companies. Click here  to inquire.


BATS supports a wide range of hardware and operating systems. In order to run all the tests in the suite, the following requirements have to be met:

Operating system and hardware with fully compliant support for

  • OpenGL ES 3.1+
  • Vulkan 1.0+
  • Open CL 1.2+
  • OpenVX 1.1+ (OpenVX 1.3 required for warp perspective test)
  • OpenVX KHR OpenCL Interoperability extension
  • OpenVX KHR Pipelining extension
  • OpenVX KHR Neural Network extension (YOLO v3 and SSD-ResNet-50)

BATS is delivered as a C++ source code package with standard binaries including Android and Linux (x86-64, ARM64). Other binary deliverables and environments maybe agreed separately with each customer.

Pricing and Availability

BATS 1.0 is currently under development and pre-orders have been licensed by numerous leading companies. Basemark’s pre-licensing guarantees close collaboration in development: the ability to try out alphas, betas and release candidate versions, and to give feedback and change proposals for the test design and implementation phases.

Pre-licensing gives you access to all pre-release versions of the tool, as well as a complementary license for the final commercial product.


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