Autonomous Drive & HMI Development


Basemark’s Software Developers and Technical Artists work in automotive R&D projects and provide clients with design, implementation and optimization services.

Our customers are semiconductor vendors, software companies, Tier 1s and automotive OEMs around the world.

Our Professional Services team consists of software engineers and designers in Europe and the U.S.

Basemark has a proven track record in successful design and implementation in Autonomous drive development services including:

  • Machine Vision implementations
  • Combined HD Map and sensor localization
  • Object fusion, Trajectory Planning
  • Collision prediction, Brake assist, Lane assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automated Parking
  • LiDAR and 3D point cloud processing optimization
  • ROS, Automotive Linux, Cybersecurity
  • Functional safety development

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design, development and testing services for:

  • Instrument clusters
  • In-vechicle infotainment screens (IVI)
  • In-cockpit augmented reality (AR) implementations
  • Target hardware evaluation and validation
  • Real-time graphics implementation
  • Performance optimization of existing projects
  • 3D graphics programming training


Partnering in sensitive research and software development means that our customers have to trust their information assets to be fully protected. Basemark as a company has been assessed and certified by independent certification bodies on ISO 27001:2013 and our Helsinki office according to the car-industry-specific TISAX standards. Our TISAX assessment level is Very High Protection which is the highest possible.

Both ISO 27001:2013 and TISAX are a framework of policies and procedures, including legal, physical and technical controls that ensure that our Information Security is at a very high level. The certificates show that security is woven into the company culture.

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
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Basemark is part of many of the leading graphics technology associations and works closely with the industry’s graphics experts on the latest cutting-edge graphics hardware.

We use our expertise to help our clients to get the most out of their hardware.

Technologies we use include:

  • Graphics and Compute APIs: Vulkan, OpenGL ES 3.x, OpenGL ES 2.0 SC, OpenGL 4.5, DirectX 12, Metal, WebGL, HTML5, OpenCL, CUDA
  • OS: Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, QNX, Integrity
  • Graphics Programs & Studios: Kanzi, Unity, Unreal, Android Studio, Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Modo, Zbrush, Quixel, Houdini
  • Graphics techniques: Shading pipelines (forward, deferred, light pre-pass), real-time post-processing, polygonal topology optimization, ray tracing
  • Programming languages: C, C++, C#, GLSL shading language, JavaScript


Our technical artists have worked in numerous fields of computer graphics. Their unique combined experience helps us to effectively develop complex systems for our clients. Their expertise includes:

  • Movie effects and animation
  • Low power embedded real-time game design
  • Embedded hardware development and testing
  • Custom shader development
  • Graphics creation for industrial applications
  • Real-time implementation in automotive production environments

We work directly with our customers, starting in the early stages of the project lifecycle. This helps us ensure that the customer’s HMI product is fit for real-time rendering. Our Technical Artist team analyze the entire project and develops integration and implementation strategies.

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We are confident that we are the best partner when low power, high performance, and high reliability are needed. Our expertise allows you to achieve highly optimized performance on the target hardware leading to quick start-up times and superior experience.

Basemark has delivered over 10 digital clusters for series production trucks and passenger cars in Europe and US.

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