Basemark provides companies with design, implementation and optimization services for embedded real-time graphics systems.

Basemark works predominantly in the automotive industry production world for real-time HMI design and implementation for instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainment systems. However, our services can be utilized anywhere where low power, high-reliability real-time graphics rendering is needed.

With over two decades of embedded rendering performance optimization experience, we ensure that your real-time graphics created in the PC environment will be replicated in embedded environments with 100% resemblance to the original design. Our expertise also allows us to create performance gains and optimizations for quick start-up and optimal performance on the target hardware. 


Basemark is a part of all the graphics technology associations in the industry and works closely with the market’s industry graphics experts on the latest cutting-edge graphics technology. We can then use this knowledge to help our customers take their graphics to the next level of excellence for their customers. We are also working with industry leaders in new technology, with a view to utilize these in future HMI projects. Our aim is to bring this knowledge to our customers to help enable this new technology on their target platforms.

Some of the technologies and tools we use:

  • Graphics APIs – OpenGL ES 2.0, ES 3.X, Vulkan, DirectX, WebGL, HTML5
  • OS Support – QNX, GreenHills, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • Graphics programs – Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Modo, Zbrush, Quixel, Houdini, Kanzi, Android Studio, Unity, Unreal
  • Graphics techniques – Shading pipelines (forward, deferred, light pre-pass), real-time post-processing, polygonal topology optimization
  • Programming languages – C, C++, C#, GLSL shading language, JavaScript, JAVA


Our technical artists have worked in many different areas of the graphics world. Their unique combined experience helps us to effectively develop complex systems for our clients. Their expertise includes:

  • Movie effects and animation
  • Low power embedded real-time game design
  • Embedded hardware development and testing
  • Custom shader development
  • Graphics creation for industrial applications
  • Real-time implementation in automotive production environments

We work directly with our customers during the early stages of the project to ensure that the customer’s HMI product is designed and developed for optimal real-time performance. Our Technical Artist team analyzes the entire project and develops an integration plan and implementation strategy.

We can help you:

  1. Get a design created in the PC onto the target embedded device
  2. Get it up and running faster than anyone in the market
  3. Optimize it to run at its peak performance level for industrial rendering
  4. Develop and then test it for production level quality

Basemark Services teams are located worldwide to meet the needs of our customers. Today, our teams are located in Finland, USA, Germany, UK and India.