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AR Heads up Display by Basemark

More intuitive driving

Immersive AR allows you to enhance situational awareness and reduce cognitive load while driving by using AR enhancements with ADAS and Navigation products;

ADAS Visualizations

  • AR Lane departure warning
  • AR Collision warning
  • AR Night Vision Assist
  • AR Lane Guidance
  • and many more..

AR Navigation

  • AR Navigation
  • AR Point of Interests
  • AR Arrival Experience
  • AR Street Names
  • and many more..
In-vehicle displays with AR conent

On Any Screen

Rocksolid AR supports both see-through and opaque displays, including:

  • Heads-up displays (HUDs)
  • Instrument clusters
  • Infotainment screens
  • Rear seat entertainment screens
  • E-mirrors
  • AR glasses

Solves the most difficult challenges of automotive AR

Displaying the right information at the right time and at the right place for the driver is the most difficult part of developing immersive automotive AR experiences. Rocksolid AR handles all the AI heavy lifting for positioning content in the most immersive way, leaving you with only the fun parts.

Latency Optimization

When dealing with AR, you will constantly encounter latency concerns, which makes the AR content feel disconnected from the real world and can cause motion sickness. Rocksolid AR has built-in algorithms to avoid Motion Sickness and minimize perceived latency.

Automotive AR and Latency

Localization & Motion Tracking

Most AR solutions struggle to anchor AR content to the real world. Rocksolid AR includes advanced 6-DoF localization & motion tracking mechanisms to ensures AR content is always anchored correctly to real world objects and appears in the correct position in the driver’s Field of View.

Automotive AR with Object detection

Occlusion Management

Say bye to AR systems that render intrusively on top of important information and say hello to intelligent spatial computing. Rocksolid AR ensures AR assets are seamlessly blended with the real world via advanced Mixed Reality Scene Generation.

Automotive AR and Occlusion

Rocksolid AR Overview

Rocksolid AR enables you to develop immersive automotive AR applications and manage common AR visualization challenges. Rocksolid AR consists of an AR studio that enables efficient visual development of AR applications, while the interconnected AR SDK facilitates the computational features specifically required for automotive AR.

Rocksolid AR overview

AR Studio

The Rocksolid AR Studio is a visual low-code AR editor tool for developing, debugging & calibrating, and testing AR applications for any in-vehicle screen.

  • Import desired vehicle and navigation data
  • Develop automotive AR applications
  • Debug, calibrate, and test AR applications
  • Deploy AR applications on automotive hardware


The AR SDK manages critical automotive AR optimization tasks that ensure the displaying of AR content, at the right time, and place in the driver’s Field of View (FoV).

  • Helps to avoid motion sickness
  • Mixed Reality (MR) scene generation
  • Precise 6-DoF localization
  • Perfectly stabilized content placement

Our Partners

Since Rocksolid AR is a pure AR software and tooling solution, we have partnered with various suppliers to be able to provide full AR application solutions to our customers, incorporating both hardware and software.

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