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About Rocksolid AR

A full stack solution to develop, test & deploy immersive Automotive AR features and visualize them on any in-vehicle display (IC, IVI, AR-HUD etc.).

Accelerate Development

Ready-made AI & AR building blocks to accelerate your AR development.

Easy to Use

Graphical tool to easily develop, test & deploy Automotive AR applications.

High Runtime Efficiency

Get highly optimized runtimes with simultaneous graphics and compute solution for automotive SoCs.

Tailored for Automotive

An AR development suite specifically built for creating AR applications for automotive HMIs.

Safer and better driver experiences

Develop next-generation AR experiences for Heads-up displays, Instrument clusters, and IVI-displays that includes critical ADAS and Navigation features.

AR Driver Assistance

  • Low-Light Object & Lane Highlight
  • Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Change Guidance
  • Low-light Pedestrian Zone
  • Parking Assist
  • Speed Zone Assist

AR Navigation

  • Driving Path (blended with road)
  • Point of Interest
    (Charging, Parking, Shopping etc.)
  • Lane Carpets
  • Destination Arrival Experience
  • Street Names
  • Live Traffic Incidents
  • House Numbers
  • Entertainment & Gaming

Rocksolid AR

Covers the complete AR application development process from initial design to deployment on final hardware.

AR Applications

Rocksolid AR Studio

Basemark AR instrument cluster on Mediatek platform

AR Applications

  • Quick start your AR development with ready-made AI & AR building blocks.
  • Customize to your heart’s content and mix & match with your existing IP to achieve your desired look & feel.
  • We can build & integrate amazing AR experiences into your vehicle, or we can empower you to build it yourself with our tools and support.

Rocksolid AR Studio

Graphical toolkit that simplifies development of AR applications.

Create AR-Generated Scenes

Transform 3D scenes into astonishing AR-generated scenes in just a few clicks. Rocksolid AR Studio is an application creation tool with a compute node graph editor that allows you to transform your 3D designs into AR applications without the need for writing code or jumping between multiple tools.

  • Import 3D scenes created in any content creation tool
  • Import binaries and components for ADAS applications
  • Define front camera input streams for video AR applications
  • Set up custom multiple-layer structures
AR Video lane detection

Be Faster With Ready-Made Components

Create AR scenes faster and easier with ready-made AI modules, machine vision, and compute components. The component library allows you to create fully functional AR scenes without the need for complex compute coding or pre-development of machine vision & AI models.  

Kickstart AR Application Creation

Ensure quick start-up time with extensive documentation, examples, and step-by-step videos of the Rocksolid AR Studio. All necessary code, assets, and documentation are included.

Automotive Grade

Basemark is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and Tisax 3 certified.

ISO 9001
ISO 27001
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Creating immersive automotive AR experiences.


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