Rocksolid Ecosystem


The Rocksolid Ecosystem is a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop solutions for next generation software defined vehicles. Our ecosystem is more than just a network of partners; it’s a collaborative and innovative community committed to pushing the boundaries of automotive AR.


Rocksolid Ecosystem Founding Members

We have established a robust network of partners specializing in hardware, HMI development, Augmented Reality (AR) applications, AD & ADAS development, integration, testing, and functional safety. These partnerships enhance our capability to deliver innovative, immersive, and safe AR experiences in the automotive industry.


Acsia Technologies is a global Automotive ECU software solution and research company. Since its inception, Acsia has delivered complex safety-critical software solutions to the world's top automotive OEMs and Tier-1s. It is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified, TISAX and ASPICE compliant company recognized by world’s leading OEMs. With an end to end technology portfolio, Acsia is well-positioned to meet the futuristic needs in the Connected, Electric and Autonomous landscape.

Ceres Holographics

Ceres has transformed the production of holographic films with it's digitally controlled pixel-wise mastering and replication technology. Our mission is to revolutionize the design, origination, and mastering of volume holograms using new holographic photopolymer materials that enable transparent and augmented reality products and applications. Ceres ground-breaking HoloFlekt® film technology transforms a windshield into an ultra-bright, full-color, compact, and flexible Heads-Up Display, where safety, operational, navigation, and infotainment content can all be shown in a clear and non-distractive manner regardless of external light conditions.


CoreAVI architects safety critical graphics and compute solutions supporting safe autonomy, machine vision, AI and visualization applications in the automotive, unmanned vehicle and industrial IoT markets, as well as commercial and military avionics systems. We are people innovating a safe and secure autonomous world.


CREAL is a display technology startup based in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a technical team from cutting-edge projects at Intel, Magic Leap, EPFL, and CERN. CREAL has developed a patented, AR light field micro-display technology, enabling a lightweight pair of glasses to project images into the eye uniquely providing correct depth perception. By enabling continuous focus, from up-close to infinity, to match the real-world depth, CREAL brings a much-needed natural and healthy visual experience with no trade-off on image quality, computational requirements or system architecture.


Dispelix, the technology leader in see-through augmented reality (AR) displays and Basemark, a forerunning provider of real-time software solutions and professional services for the automotive industry, will collaborate to combine Dispelix’s see-through AR display technology and Basemark’s real-time graphics and compute software solutions for mission critical applications. The cooperation between the companies aims to showcase the enormous potential of Augmented Reality in the next generation autonomous and connected vehicles.

First International Computer Inc

First International Computer Inc (FIC), design engineering awards winner and founded in 1979, provides partners as a one-stop-shopping service as in smart IoT controller and automotive electronic designing, engineering, system integration, supply chain management and electronic manufacturing services (DEMS – Design Engineering Manufacturing Service, also known as ODM/OEM). FIC group has a workforce of over 6000 employees from 2 electronic design manufacturing/assembly sites and 3 branch offices in Taiwan, Mainland China and United States. FIC group provides friendly and reliable solutions. Through excellent integrated design service capability, competitive cost advantage, high quality and efficient global manufacturing service system, we provide customers with more flexible, integrated and reliable long-term partnerships.


Holoptic, convert’s any glass into a display (AR / in-plan) with HoloCore IP, 14 patents, and Transparent Holographic Display (THD) technology; from room windows to windows in ATC towers; from aircraft to cars; from astronaut helmets to repair-worker visors into on-demand l image and data displays. HoloCore offers high-quality displays due to its light efficiency and flexible film. With 80% projected light retention and 90% transparency at a low cost, it has passed automotive tests for windshield integration. We've created a cost-effective method for mass-producing holograms for THD production, which we've validated on a small scale with custom equipment. Located in Torrance, CA together with seven recording labs, our staff includes leading optical experts, including scientists, engineers, and production personnel, many of whom hold Ph.D. degree.


Imagination is a UK-based company that creates silicon and software IP (intellectual property) designed to give its customers an edge in competitive global technology markets. Its graphics, compute, vision and AI technologies enable outstanding power, performance and area (PPA), fast time-to-market and lower total cost of ownership. Products based on Imagination IP are used by billions of people across the globe in their smartphones, cars, homes, and workplaces.

Impulse Audio Lab

Impulse Audio Lab stands for expertise in UX sound design and audio software development. Its products and services are characterized by holistic concepts - from exceptional aesthetics and usability to efficient hardware implementation. Leveraging a decade of industry knowledge within the automotive world, and having collaborated with key OEMs across Europe, the U.S., and Asia, Impulse Audio Lab is devoted to transforming electric vehicles (EVs) into one of the most thrilling chapters in automotive history.


Jorjin Technologies Founded in 1997 in Taiwan, Jorjin specializes in miniaturization of electronic circuits such as SiP and SOM. Along the years, Jorjin built multiple additional skills which enabled it to become a leader in AIOT and Wearables, with a special focus on AR/MR Smart Glasses solution and application in diverse fields.


KPIT is a leading independent software development and integration partner helping mobility leapfrog towards a clean, smart, and safe future. With 7000 automobelievers across the globe specializing in embedded software, AI, and digital solutions, KPIT accelerates clients’ implementation of next-generation technologies for the future mobility roadmap. With engineering centers in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, and India, KPIT works with leaders in automotive and mobility and is present where the ecosystem is transforming.


Based in Japan, sdtech is a reputed design company for its products and services based on human-centered design, including advanced automobile HMI for OEMs and Karaoke control tablet UI for a major karaoke chain. With its expertise, sdtech creates new values in UI/UX design and DX solutions.

Spark EV Technology

Spark develops and supplies personalised range prediction and energy optimisation software for EV’s of all sizes. Working with global OEM, Tier 1 and mobility providers, Spark gives drivers the trust and confidence to use their EV to its full potential, alleviate range and charge point anxiety and enhance fleet utilisation. Spark provides the data for the user interface to show the driver either as a range number, journey prediction or as a map overlay which can be deployed as part of the in vehicle information system (embedded or cloud) or as an aftermarket application.

Spyrosoft Solutions

Spyrosoft Solutions is an embedded software engineering company specialised in the automotive sector. Spyrosoft provides their clients with an end-to-end service: from System Engineering, managing project functional requirements, eliciting and implementing the requirements of ISO26262, ISO21434 and A-SPICE to creating system and software architecture, coding and maintaining the implemented systems.


StageZero Technologies is a venture backed AI data start-up based in Helsinki on a mission to accelerate the AI revolution. Founded based on ethical principles and operated by AI industry experts, the company is now one of the only EU-based and GDPR-compliant AI data providers. StageZero Technologies offers enterprise solutions for all aspects of data in AI projects. The company specializes in computer vision, natural language processing, and custom algorithms.


SyncShield, based in Finland, is leader in next generation Over-the-Air device management platforms. With help of SyncShield your connected devices are integrated seamlessly to business processes and cloud services which is key prerequisite in future connected services and “Car-as-a-Platform” business. We provide fast return of investment (ROI) and guaranteed isolated bridging between IT services and critical OT systems. Our mission is to provide our customers total control of connected devices in cybersecure manner and full ownership of collected data.


TactoTek®’s IMSE® (Injection Molded Structural Electronics) technology integrates printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection-molded plastics. TactoTek develops and industrializes IMSE technology, creates mass production ready IMSE prototypes, and licenses.


Unikie develops technology for secure realtime processes and offers consulting for related demand. Automotive software development is one of our main areas of expertise. Our services meet at the heart of three global macro trends - IoE, 5G and AI, where we enable the use of continuous situational awareness for decision making and guidance.