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Improving trust, safety & comfort

Augmented Reality (AR) makes driving safer by enhancing the driver’s situational awareness and avoid confusion by providing real-time contextual guidance & alerts to driver.

We help you show the right content, at the right time and right place in the driver’s Field of View, ensuring that drivers get the critical information they need while driving, without taking their eyes off the road.

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Tools for automotive grade AR development

Traditional AR tools were not built with automotive in mind, so they don’t perform well in a moving vehicle. That’s why we developed Rocksolid AR, a specialized AR tool for automotive AR development, capable of addressing the unique challenges of automotive AR.

Immersive AR Experiences

Immersive AR/MR overlays that remain anchored to real-world objects & infrastructure, regardless of vehicle motion or vibration.

Avoid Occlusion

Automatically understand safety critical information on the road and avoid blocking it with AR content, to ensure a safe & immersive AR experience.

Prevent Motion Sickness

Create a lag-free experience, that avoids motion sickness, even in harsh driving conditions.

Any in-vehicle screen

A lightweight portable AR experience that can fit on low-end chips and power multiple in-vehicle displays at the same time.

Basemark Helps to Deliver an Amazing AR Experience for BMW

Basemark developed new ground-breaking AR features for BMW vehicles. These features are improving the driving experience, comfort & safety of thousands of drivers on public roads since 2021.

Our Offerings

Rocksolid AR

A unique full software suite for rapid AR development and deployment, consisting of a design studio, SDK and runtimes. Increase productivity and develop immersive automotive AR applications for HUDs, instrument clusters, infotainment screens and AR glasses.

Rocksolid AR studio

Professional Services

Our service team is ready to support your series production projects from start to finish. We offer turn-key projects and can also work as part of your existing team set-up.

Professional Services

What our customers say about us

“We greatly appreciate Basemark's contribution to the project, particularly the innovative approach you employed to demonstrate the integration of all systems. This method provided us with invaluable insights and deepened our understanding of your capabilities, further strengthening our interest in potential future collaborations.”

- LamborghiniBasemark x Lamborghini project collaboration


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About Us

Basemark is an automotive software and service company specializing in Augmented Reality & ADAS visualizations and HMI graphics for next-generation software-defined vehicles.

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