Legacy Products

Basemark tries to offer modern solutions to challenging problems by providing a a wide range of products.

Challenges transcend, and we introduce new products and put some of the old ones to rest. Still, we are proud of our history and love all our past projects.

Basemark ES 3.1

Mobile GPU Benchmark

Basemark ES 3.0

OpenGL benchmark

Basemark CL

OpenCL benchmark

Basemark OS II

Mobile benchmark

Basemark X

Cross-platform benchmark


Virtual reality testing tool


Mobile benchmark for OpenGL ES 3.1 powered Android devices and  iOS Metal powered devices. Offered PC-game quality visual and easy bottleneck detection, especially useful for game developers.

Features included Lighting, SSAO, Particles, Water Simulation, Bloom Effect, and Post-Processing Effects.


Multi-core benchmark Basemark ES 3.0 was created to solve the problem of measuring hardware performance using next-generation OpenGL ES API with the industry’s most reliable test cases and to produce the most accurate data about performance.

Basemark ES 3.0 included photo-realistic graphics game tests to benchmark performance of the graphics hardware.

It was made to run content which reflects real life use case scenarios gives more useful benchmarking data about hardware than synthetic benchmarks.


Basemark CL was a comprehensive benchmark tool designed to measure the performance of OpenCL implementations on various devices ranging from desktops to embedded systems. Basemark CL used OpenGL ES 2.0 or OpenGL 2.1 for rendering, depending on the platform.

Basemark CL provided diverse performance measurement capabilities for device manufacturers, semiconductor companies and their ecosystem to test and optimize the OpenCL implementations within desktop and embedded devices.


Basemark OS II was all in one mobile benchmarking Tool designed for measuring overall performance of smartphones and tablets from all platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

The benchmark featured a comprehensive suite of tests including system, internal and external memory, graphics, web browsing, camera, battery and CPU consumption.


Basemark X was a popular benchmarking tool for evaluation and cross-platform comparison of gaming and graphics performance between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphone and tablets. It was the only vendor-independent benchmark that utilized the real-world game engine Unity which is very popular among game developers. This meant that it scores correlated exceptionally well with real-life gaming performance.

Though we discontinued developing Basemark X, we do offer customer support for the product but there will be no updates for now. There are also some problems with latest iOS devices is because of comparability issues with older versions of Unity Engine and Apple policies.


VRScore was the essential VR testing tool that lets you reliably test your PC and Head Mounted Display (HMD) for VR readiness.

VRScore PC measured how well a PC can run VR content, is the PC powerful enough for the requirements of the different HMDs and what is the latency of the HMD.

Due to a low demand in VR Market we have put development of our VRScore on hold for unforeseen future. We will keep it as a legacy product and gladly give support for the community and interested parties.