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Experienced Team

Basemark team is comprised of world-class experts in real-time graphics and compute programming as well as visual design.

Functional Safety

Offered as ASIL QM to ASIL B functional safety levels. Whole system certifiable for ASIL D.

Fortune 500 Clients

Our clients include tech giants, automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and major semiconductor companies.

Mixed Workloads and Heterogeneous Computing Systems

Rocksolid® by Basemark coordinates and optimizes simultaneous graphics and compute processing in a heterogeneous computing system.

Who We Are

Basemark is a software company offering development tools next generation autonomous and connected vehicles.

Our products range from runtime engines and middleware to SoC evaluation and testing solutions. Basemark’s professional services team supports customers in autonomous drive and HMI development projects from ASIL QM to ASIL D requirements.


Basemark Products and Services


Rocksolid Core is an automotive operating system, execution environment and platform that covers all vehicle functions, ranging in safety critical levels from ASIL-B to ASIL-D.

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Rocksolid ®

Rocksolid is middleware for graphics and compute application development. It’s optimized for embedded and mission critical applications such as autonomous drive, ADAS and digital instrument clusters.

Rocksolid provides a CPU and GPU abstraction layer without compromises in safety, performance or power consumption. It is offered from ASIL QM to ASIL B (enabling whole system ASIL D) quality.

Application areas:
Machine vision, inferencing, image stitching
Instrument Clusters, Heads Up Displays, Digital mirrors, AR and VR rendering.

Read more here about the Rocksolid Engine. 


Basemark Automotive Test Suite, BATS, is a professional system performance evaluation tool.

BATS enables objective performance evaluations of automotive SoCs for machine vision, digital instrument clusters and the IVI applications.

Our customers include Automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and SoC & IP companies.

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Professional Services

Our professional services team serves Automotive OEMs, technology suppliers, Rocksolid and performance evaluation tool customers. Basemark engages in projects ranging from L4/L5 autonomous drive software development to digital instrument cluster and IVI design and programming. 

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Kanzi Training

GPU & Web Benchmarks

Basemark also develops popular smartphone, tablet and PC benchmarking software. Our latest GPU benchmark Basemark GPU 1.2 is the only cross-platform benchmark on the market. It has been widely adopted by leading publications in IT Media. 

We offer commercial corporate licenses and free use for IT media and consumers. 

Read more about our benchmarking software or see the fastest systems by way of our Powerboard ranking service. 

Latest Webinar

Introduction to Rocksolid® Graphics SDK

During this webinar, our Graphics Rendering Professionals will introduce the Rocksolid graphics engine and its possibilities for reliable real-time rendering on embedded hardware architectures. Learn how the Rocksolid® Engine and SDK help you address the challenges of graphics rendering for embedded and mission-critical applications.

Basemark benefits

Mixed Workload Processing

Rocksolid is the only software engine that enables you to handle simultaneous graphics and compute processing in an optimized way. No more time costly CPU or GPU stalls when different apps and algorithms are competing for the same processor and memory resources.

Safety Critical

Automotive demands a small footprint, mission critical processing and long-term support. Basemark delivers exactly that. Basemark is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and Tisax 3 certified. Our solutions are designed to enable you to meet various key automotive safety critical standards, such as ISO 26262.

Experienced Team

Basemark team comprises world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics and compute programming and design. We are exceptionally good at making low-powered systems that delivers performance that exceeds expectations.

Fortune 500 Clients

Our clients include tech giants, automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and major semiconductor companies. We’re involved with intensively scheduled product development, areas where confidentiality and trust are paramount.


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