The Automotive AR Company

Enabling safe & enjoyable rides with augmented reality solutions

The Automotive AR Company

Enabling safe & enjoyable rides with augmented reality solutions

AR Applications

AR features to enhance your driving experience & improve road safety.

AR Studio

Visual tools to easily develop, test & deploy Automotive AR applications.

Rocksolid Core

OS extensions to maximize portability & easily combine ADAS, AR, Infotainment etc. into 1 SoC.


For tailored automotive software solutions.

Basemark helps BMW deliver an amazing AR experience

Basemark developed new ground-breaking AR features for BMW Group’s new iX. These features are improving the driving experience, comfort & safety of thousands of drivers on public roads since 2021.

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Our Solutions


Rocksolid AR Applications

AR features that enhance the driving experience & safety by overlaying real-time contextual information such as collision warnings, navigation instructions etc. directly on top of the real world via in-vehicle displays and AR-HUDs.

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AR Video lane detection

Rocksolid AR Studio

The unique AR Editor allows you to easily design AR-generated scenes and applications for video AR displays and AR HUDs.

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Rocksolid Core

Rocksolid Core is an automotive middleware platform built to support a variety of application solutions such as AR and ADAS applications that require efficient graphics and compute solutions.

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Professional Services

Our professional services team provides tailormade software solutions and programming for automotive projects related to AR, ADAS, Autonomous drive, compute & graphics solutions.

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BATS is an automotive hardware performance evaluation tool that allows automotive OEMs, Tier1 Suppliers, and semiconductors to assess graphics and compute performances with an automotive-relevant workload, including AR and ADAS tests.

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Our GPU benchmarking software solutions for consumer devices is the catalyst of our GPU expertise which is applied to our automotive software solutions. Our GPU benchmarking software development functions as an advanced graphics laboratory allowing us to stay on top of the latest graphics feature developments, such as Ray Tracing technology and VRS.

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Press Releases

Basemark Brings Advanced AR Graphics to MediaTek Automotive SoC

Helsinki, Finland | January 5th, 2023 Basemark showcases its advanced automotive instrument clusters with Augmented…
Press Releases

Basemark has launched the world’s first raytracing benchmark for mobile devices – In Vitro

Helsinki, Finland | January 3rd , 2023   Basemark launched today their new GPU benchmark, GPUScore:…
Press Releases

AR with AI – Basemark Debuts Rocksolid AR Solution

Helsinki, Finland | November 29th, 2022   Extending its lead in automotive Augmented Reality (AR) software,…

About Us

Basemark is an automotive software and service company specializing in Augmented Reality, HMI Graphics and ADAS solutions for next generation software-defined vehicles. Basemark is also one of the leading providers of GPU benchmarking software for consumer devices.

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