Basemark at Car HMI Europe 2023

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June 18-20 | Berlin, Germany


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Soma Muthumanickam has been appointed to the role of Director & Chief Architect of Automotive at Basemark.
Soma Muthumanickam

Director & Chief Architect of Automotive at Basemark

Speaking at Car HMI Europe

Improving Driving Safety & Comfort with Augmented Reality

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in automotive HMIs is transforming the driving experience by offering innovative features that improve both driving safety and comfort. Through the integration of real-time data to in-vehicle displays like the instrument cluster, IVI, or windshield using AR HUDs, situational awareness is significantly enhanced, enabling the driver to make safer and more controlled vehicle maneuvering in different driving situations. In this session, we will explore the advantages of automotive AR, its future prospects, and solutions to tackle technical challenges when developing immersive automotive AR experiences.

  • Improve driving safety, user experience and comfort with AR
  • Challenges of developing robust automotive AR experiences
  • The role of AI in enabling immersive AR applications
  • The future state of AR in automotive

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Booth: TBA

“Basemark helped BMW develop AR-enhanced navigation application for their new BMW iX series.”

CAR HMI Europe

Car HMI Europe is an award-winning international knowledge exchange platform bringing together all stakeholders leading the technical and design future of automotive HMIs and UX. For the 12th time in 2023, over 2 1/2 days you will get the unique chance to engage with your OEM, T1 & Supplier peers to discuss innovative opportunities as well as challenges in HMI and UX development that lie ahead in the industry

When? June 18-20, 2023

Where? Berlin, Germany