Technical Artist

We are looking for an artist who likes to tinker with asset production and visual effects, achieving them in all kinds of environments, under all sorts of limitations. If you like to create your own models from scratch and you also know how to optimize high-end art for cinematics or games, we want to meet you.


We are a Finnish-based software product company, positioned at the junction of graphics and compute with high-end capabilities optimized for both consumer devices and industry. We are focused on real-time 3D graphics and compute programming. By productizing our tech we look to scaling it up and we are constantly up to date with the latest technologies in the graphics engineering.

The Teams: GPUScore + BATS

GPUScore is an enthusiast team made up of artists and developers coming from many parts of the world, working with passion. We do what we love, we don’t wear suits, we stay comfy, and we believe in fair play. We use both 3D and 2D tools, 3D engines, all combined with creativity. GPUScore itself, is a GPU benchmark used by gamers and enthusiasts, media, semiconductor companies and device manufacturers. We explore the latest technologies in the graphics industry to use developing our own rendering engine: Rocksolid.

BATS is the mirrored version of GPUScore, only that it targets the automotive industry. For those of us who work in this project, it represents the high peak of interactive HMI production, combining 2D and 3D, in a very challenging way.

The Job, day to day:

  • Production of assets for graphics benchmarking tools
  • Building of logic trees and hierarchies for UI-based products
  • Shader creation or manipulation
  • Support the developers’ team into building our own rendering tool
  • Optimization of graphics content in order to meet project requirements.

Our hidden gem is the freedom to create. We are free to decide what we want to create in order to showcase the Rocksolid engine capabilities. If you join our guild, you will have the freedom to create content for latest graphics tech.


  • Portfolio
  • 3D proficiency in a commonly used tool (Maya, Blender)
  • Relevant experience with 3D Graphics production and pipelines
  • Experience with modelling, texturing, animation, visual effects
  • Experience in games, VR/AR production
  • Production cinematics a plus
  • Concept art is a plus
  • Shader editing and creation is a plus

Our Process:

Send your CV and cover letter to: [email protected] with the subject entitled: ‘Technical Artist’. We will be in touch with you once we recognize you are the one we look for.