VP Sales US, Automotive Software

Is your passion towards software-defined vehicles real? Meaning, have you already been an enabler? A driver so to speak? We have an industry disrupting SW that needs selling, to OEMs. It’s hot cakes I’m telling you, and we need the right technical sales leader with the right relationships in place to work it. Are you the one?


(www.basemark.com, a 6 year old software company based in Finland with offices in Munich, Detroit, Seoul and Taipei, we make Brains for cars. Whether it’s merging Compute with Graphics in a real-time environment (by way of Vulkan GPU), real world autonomous intelligent systems, machine learning, computer vision, algorithms, or building upon AutoSAR Classic & Adaptive and Linux stacks for a safety critical full solution……we are shaking the Earth by creating the world’s first end to end automotive software platform.

We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, compute programming and design. We have the customers, we have the technology, and we are scaling up our tech by productizing it and adding further compute and graphics capabilities as we change autonomous driving forever (and for the better). And with an infusion of millions in cash from investors and profit too, we are hiring more world-class experts to help us build our products to scale.

Enter: Detroit Rock City.

Yes we do have boots on the ground, by way of a few genius technical artists and developers. But you will be the true pioneer, you will pursue leads and set up meetings through your known connections. You will mercilessly promote our automotive SW tech, and after covid dissipates, you’ll visit them, enhance your relationships and sell sell sell. (We have an expert already generating leads, so the work is half done). You can then build a team of sales guys/gals later, to help you hit your number. We want a solid team there, and you are the one to shape it!

What are you selling?

If you started with us tomorrow, you would sell our product BATS, which is ready (https://www.basemark.com/bats/)

You would sell Rocksolid graphics too (https://www.basemark.com/rocksolid-graphics/)

Then later this year, you would sell our new platform (aforementioned genius platform coming soon). Target customers: Ford, GM, Tesla, Fisker, Canoo, Karma, other EV start-ups. You would spend a fraction of your time on our other existing US accounts in semi-conductors, Intel, Qualcomm, etc. This is all about licensing, but there are is an element of professional services too. As you grow your business, we will hire the right tech talent around you (we have an American headhunter living in Finland who is our huckleberry).


  • 10+ years software sales experience in Automotive
  • You have built (or can build) a sales team
  • Travel as needed
  • Product Deployment experience


Please send your Resume and cover letter to [email protected] with the subject entitled VP Sales US. We will set you up with an intro call and get you in our comprehensive interview process without delay. We look forward to meeting you!