DevOps Specialist

Stop the press! Is this actually a new type of DevOps role, that Finland rarely gets to see? Let me think about it YES, it is. Are you excited about building software for a variety of target devices, rather than just for plain old boring general-purpose computers? At Basemark, we have a plethora of unique embedded boards as target devices, all of them are ‘weird’ in one form or another. We can offer you challenge, intrigue, the glamour and tradecraft of working as an international spy (but without the violence, danger, or, well anything to do with working as a spy).

We are looking for curiosity, thirst, hunger, for the non-standard, for the complex! We expect you to independently solve tasks, but not being afraid to ask for help. So, fearlessness mixed with a self-reflective nature of knowing your limits? Hmm, sounds more like an intelligent villain than a suave spy. Either way, this is it! Check this out:


A Finland-based software company, is positioned at the junction of graphics and compute with high-end capabilities optimized for automotive and consumer devices. We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, compute programming and design. We have the customers, we have a profitable business, we have the technology, and we are scaling up our tech by productizing it and adding further compute and graphics capabilities as we revolutionize autonomous driving. And now with a recent infusion of cash we are hiring more world-class experts to help us build our products to scale.

The Team

The DevOps team’s mission is two-fold:

  • Timely, high-quality releases with excellent support for our customers, and
  • the best available tools and automation for our developers.

The team currently consists of two permanent members, two consultants and some developers who help out as needed. We are looking for creative, relentless problem-solvers who can provide high-quality, easily maintainable, and well-documented solutions to uniquely challenging problems!

The Job:

In addition to standard computers, our products also run on embedded devices, and our CI/CD setup needs to deal with the resulting variations in hardware (12+ different kinds), OS (Yocto Linux and Android), drivers, etc. which makes our job very interesting.

We are in the process of transforming Basemark’s collection of embedded boards from a “potato farm” scattered on two desks into a Test Rack as a Service for remote developer access and CI integration. On the more traditional side, we are automating our release processes to make them fast, reliable, and repeatable. We are also ramping up automated testing to ensure that our releases are high quality.

In the near future, we will need new code hosting, CI/CD, and static analysis tools that fulfil the certification requirements (TISAX, ISO 26262, etc.) of our clients.


  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines is the foundation of this job
  • Autonomous problem-solving / troubleshooting / research ability is highly valued
  • A love of automation and documentation is necessary to do this job well
  • A passion for quality is highly appreciated
  • A desire to provide excellent service to our developers and customers is necessary
  • Knowledge of CMake, MSBuild, Gradle, or other build scripting languages is very useful
  • Interest in, or experience with embedded devices is needed. Knowledge of Yocto Linux is a big bonus
  • Software development experience is a plus
  • Helpdesk (internal or external) experience is good to have, but we can also teach you

If this sounds like you, please apply here with your English CV and cover letter!

Send your CV and cover letter to: [email protected] with the subject entitled: DevOps Specialist. We will be in touch with you once we have returned to Earth from the out of body experience in reading your credentials.