VP Engineering

We have a new position open! After promoting from within and consolidating and reorganizing our tech expertise and human energies onto the right teams, we are now finally ready to hire someone to run the show.

At Basemark in Punavuori / Helsinki, we are building the world’s most advanced automotive augmented reality (AR) application development tools to enable car manufacturers to build safer and smarter cars. We believe AR will help passengers stay focused, drive safer and ultimately save lives.

In our Headquarters in Finland and across our other locations worldwide, we strive to hire superior tech talents, with character. Representing 22 different nationalities with a potpourri of languages, cultures and traditions, we marvel at the unified team we have created, brought together by shared values, respect for our fellow (wo)man, and a kindred spirit of funk and cool.

The Job:
As VP Engineering, you will be head of software product development at Basemark. Your primary objective is to make our Rocksolid AR Software product family to become the industry standard in automotive. On a day-to-day basis, you will be responsible for keeping our ‘factory’ running. You’ll subconsciously be contemplating and executing ‘here is what we need do with this timeframe and with these resources’.

You will handle all product development here: our AR studio, our graphics and compute engine, our AI and Compute team, and our AR Apps team. You will manage teams of software engineers and ensure that their projects are completed on time, within budget, and with high quality. You will work closely with our sales and product management departments too, to ensure our company technology strategy aligns with our overall business strategy.

You will be responsible for defining technical standards, selecting and implementing development tools, and making decisions about technology investments too.

Who are you?

  • Finnish Engineers follow you anywhere
  • You are tough and demanding, as needed
  • You are incredibly smart, high IQ with impressive engineering dimension
  • You are calm and organized
  • You can analyze and solve complex problems, especially those related to software development


  • Deep understanding of software development, architecture and best practices.
  • Experience leading and managing a team of talented software engineers, and with cross-functional teams
  • Strong ability to think strategically and align technology development with our overall business goals
  • Effective communication skills to convey complex technical concepts to a variety of stakeholders including executives, engineers and customers
  • Strong understanding of the business side of software development, including budgeting, project management and resource allocation
  • Strong track record of delivering successful software projects and a passion for technology and software development

Bonus skills: automotive software background!

Please send your English CV and cover letter to  with the subject VP Engineering. If you are a match, we will reach right out to you!