Senior Embedded Graphics Engineer

Are you interested in embedded development with modern C++ and Vulkan? Do you find pride in making low-powered hardware run fast and do things no-one thought it could do? We have a real technical challenge, not for the faint hearted, so brace yourself:
BASEMARK: AR, automotive & compute/graphics software product company based in Helsinki, 80+ employees worldwide, satellite offices in Germany and the US. We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, GPU-compute programming and design.
The Job:
This is all about embedded development, making sure memory and performance do not interfere with the rest of the system we are building. We need this to be lean and run on a variety of automotive platforms, including low-power SoCs.
You will contribute to the development of the Rocksolid Core graphics stack, which provides a high-level API for rendering 3D graphics for automotive and other embedded applications. The graphics engine is designed with memory and CPU efficiency at the forefront, utilizing Vulkan and Vulkan SC under the hood to help keep runtime overhead low. You will also help in devising and implementing features and other improvements to fulfill the needs for both external users as well as internal use by other company projects.
  • Implement new features and improve existing features of the Rocksolid Core graphics stack, including runtime components and offline tooling, in accordance with system architectural patterns and AUTOSAR C++14 guidelines.
  • Research and identify solutions to fulfill the needs of other projects utilizing the graphics stack, keeping the architectural goals of the codebase in mind.
  • Identify and address memory and performance issues within the codebase.
  • Write and maintain tests.
  • Senior-level experience with modern C++ (C++14 and later) on Linux.
  • Graphics programming experience using modern APIs (e.g., Vulkan, DirectX 12, or similar proprietary APIs).
  • Experience using profiling tools for CPU (e.g., perf, VTune) and GPU (e.g., Nsight, PIX) usage to identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Experience using GPU debugging tools (e.g., RenderDoc) to identify rendering issues.


  • Experience developing software in adherence to ISO 26262 or other safety standards.
  • Experience developing multithreaded or distributed systems.
  • Strong 3D math skills.
  • Experience with Python development.

Does this sound like you?

Please send your CV and cover letter to  with the subject entitled Senior Embedded Graphics. See you soon!