The optimal solution for industrial graphics rendering needs.

Rocksolid is a lightweight, cross platform and graphics API agnostic graphics rendering solution
for industrial grade embedded and PC applications. Rocksolid is optimized for small memory
footprint, fast start-up time and crash free rendering.

Develop with the
tools you want

Render your content
with less resources

Visualize your software
on any device with a display

Design with the tools of your choice

Freedom of choice! Keep calm and continue developing with the tools you’re already using. Rocksolid reads popular content authoring tool files such as 3DS Max and others.

Convert and render with Rocksolid Engine

Get your content to Rocksolid Engine with a plugin or a converter. Then just render and reap the performance benefits. Lower power consumption and up to 2x more FPS using the same hardware.

Basemark AR demo

You can request our latest AR Demo for your device with your email.

Device Requirements:
Vulkan support - Android 7.0
ASTC texture compression - 1GB RAM


Develop your application with your favorite tools and let Rocksolid handle the rendering


In pilot applications Rocksolid resulted in up to 2 times faster rendering when compared with a conventional game engine

Industry Validated

Rocksolid is tested and validated in industrial use cases

Up to 2x performance vs game engines!

More FPS
Times less CPU resources
More energy efficient
Item Game Engine Rocksolid Engine
Basic run-time memory footprint 10MB + 1MB (core engine approx 10,000 lines only)
Fast boot Not feasible Yes (e.g. 300 ms from power-on to rendered screen)
Guaranteed up-time No Yes
Platform support Many (less than optimal for particular platform, slow to add new features) Few (heavily optimized, fast to add new features)
Individual HMD/SoC optimization Not feasible – one size fits all Yes
Latest graphics API features supported No – game developers develop for the least common denominator in order to maximize installed base Yes – e.g. full Vulkan support available now

The only industry verified graphics engine.

Rocksolid Engine has been created together with industry leaders through our Benchmark Development Program.


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