Basemark GPU

Graphics Performance Evaluation Tool

Basemark® GPU is the newest and most versatile GPU performance evaluation tool on the market. With one tool you can analyse performance both desktop and mobile platforms running most major graphics APIs.


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20th of June 2018 21.21 (EEST)

Basemark GPU v1.0

In the version 1.0, Basemark® GPU directly supports OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan 1.0 graphics APIs across Windows, Linux and Android. In upcoming releases additional graphics APIs will be supported including Apple Metal and Microsoft DirectX.

We also offer support for automotive and other embedded operating systems, such as QNX and Integrity.

Rocksolid® Engine

Basemark® GPU utilizes Basemark’s industrial grade graphics & compute engine Rocksolid® to sport AAA quality game-like workload for desktop platforms as well as a similar, but lighter workload for mobile devices. Written in C++ and platform independent, Rocksolid® allows for truly objective and efficient multi-platform benchmarking.

Compare Results in Power Board

Basemark® GPU allows the user to compare their device to other devices around the world. Free version always submits all the official scores automatically to the Basemark Power Board.

Free / Corporate Feature List

Features Free Corporate
GPU Score (Native and Offscreen) Yes Yes
Test Score Details No Yes
Select Test No Yes
Forced result submit Yes No
Internet Connection Required (*) Yes No
Custom Configurations Yes Yes
Test Automation No Yes
Ability to render arbitrary screen(s) No Yes
Data Export No Yes

Basemark® GPU – High-Quality mode targets Desktop systems using high-resolution textures, advanced effects, increased number of objects and demanding geometry based on today’s AAA PC game standards.

Official Resolution (Offscreen) Max Triangles Per Frame Max Texture Resolution Max Memory Requirement Max Draw Calls Per Frame
3840×2160 ~2 M 4096×4096 4 GB ~10k

Basemark® GPU – Medium Quality mode targets Mobile systems based on today’s AAA Mobile game standards. The medium Quality mode is a subset of a High-Quality mode regarding decreased texture resolution, number of objects, amount of geometry and limited effects.

Official Resolution (Offscreen) Max Triangles Per Frame Max Texture Resolution Max Memory Requirement Max Draw Calls Per Frame
1920×1080 ~0.7 M 2048×2048 1 GB ~2000

Only truly platform agnostic Graphics Evaluation Tool

Basemark® GPU is essentially the only truly platform independent, objective and advanced GPU performance evaluation tool and benchmark on the market today.


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