Latency Measurement Device and Library

VRTrek Library provides a software development kit (SDK) to be used together with Basemark’s VRTrek latency measurement device

Evaluate latency from the point of application frame submit to the point when the frame appears on given display


Accurately measure app latency, display latency, dropped frames, duplicate frames

Uniquely measures latency of both left and the right eye at the same time

Compatible with Rift, Vive, OSVR and more

“We are very excited to finally receive a robust tool for measuring latency in the form of Basemark’s VRScore and VRTrek. This enables the industry to set standards and achieve ever better functioning VR systems.”
- Jon Peddie, President and founder of Jon Peddie Research

Technical Specification

Supports Windows Platform 

●  Windows 7 and newer

●  Windows Audio Kernel Mode Streaming

Supports OLED displays

 ●  VR HMDs, smartphones, etc.

 ●  LCD display support is provided upon request

VR Application Latency Measurements

●  Multi-frame latency measurement algorithm

Display Latency Measurements

●  Single frame latency measurement algorithm

 Utilizes PC Audio Jack

●  Tested with RealTek integrated audio cards

Technical Specification

Parameter Rating
Spectral range of sensitivity
Response time
Field of view(FoW)
Near infrared to deep blue / purple
8 μs
0.2 ms
<0,01 ms

* Practical measurement precision dominated by the variance in how close to v-sync does the application actually submit the image.

“Basemark Has a Dead Simple Solution to Precisely Measure VR Headset Latency”
− Road to VR


VRTrek Library License

  • 1x VRTrek Device
  • SDK including Example(s), API Documentation and User Guide

Custom Work (NRE)

  • Allocate engineering resources for integration

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