Recommended VRScore Testing Process

Before starting VRScore

  • Uninstall other vendor HMD Software that can affect the specific HMD that you want to test. Having various different HMD Software packages installed in same computer may cause HMD to malfunction.
  • Make sure you are using latest WHQL certified Graphics drivers.
  • Make sure that you have internet connection.
  • Close all other Applications that may be running in the background.
  • Make sure that you see correct activity inside HMD before starting VRScore (e.g. Oculus Lounge, Vive Scene).

After starting VRScore

  • Make sure that you have accepted possible Safety Warnings displayed inside HMD.
  • Cover any HMD proximity sensors to keep HMD active during the test runs.
  • Shake the HMD before starting the test to keep HMD active (prevent HMD motion sensor timeout).
  • To get reliable score run the benchmark at least 5 times. Acceptable variance between scores is less than 2%. Remove scores with higher variation than this before calculating the average.