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Basemark GPU

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PC Vulkan (Windows/Linux) Power Board Results Reset on 21st of June, 2018 at XX.. CET…

Basemark 1.0 Windows and Linux

  1. Question: My Desktop Vulkan run crashes on AMD devices?
    • Answer: Latest stable 18.5.1 drivers are confirmed to work with AMD Radeon cards, we are working with AMD to solve this issue.
  2. Question: Basemark GPU gives strange score when I do resize the benchmark window?
    • Answer: We are putting out 1.0.2 on 21th of June that will solve this issue

Basemark GPU 1.0 Android

  1. Question: Why is the installation files so big?
    • Answer: APK itself is not that big but the assets that are needed for showcasing the high-quality content will be downloaded when you run tests for the first time.

You can run the exact same workload on smartphones and desktops by using medium workload and chosen resolution in the custom test. This allows an interesting comparison tool between mobile and desktop devices. We are adding a feature that you can do it vice versa on mobile devices.

Please do send us feedback to a if you come across new bugs or for the universal feedback!


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