Senior Software Engineer,
Augmented Reality Studio

Imagine this on a billboard:
  • Years of experience with modern C++!
  • Generous appetite for learning, team work and software development!
  • Linux, Windows, x86, arm64, Embedded systems, CMake!
We are a software product company in downtown Helsinki, now hiring Finland’s most advanced developers. We make global products for companies all around the world. This is not subcontracting, this is not services, this is product development!
BASEMARK: AR, automotive & compute/graphics software product company based in Helsinki, 80+ employees worldwide, satellite offices in Germany and the US. We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, GPU-compute programming and design.
The Team: AR Studio
This is our Augmented Reality creation platform for carmakers. Our mission is to bring AR to cars, shaping the future of driving, and making driving safer and more enjoyable. Our engineers are top devs with good energy, building something novel. We move pretty fast and our collective mentality and attitude is what propels us to get sh*t done.
Our tech stack consists of the engine (C++) and the front end (JS and Rust). The target build platforms are embedded platforms that are not common, so you need to be patient, persistent, and hack things out when necessary. We as a team are methodical, and instill Passion Driven Development. PDD! (Wait, did we just coin a phrase? Patent pending)
We have a development vehicle (check our autonomous driving test!) in our building, and we have our AR heads-up display in the office. As you build and refine this studio with us, we also build our own apps and will test them in the actual HW and in the car. So yeah, this is SW and HW, with real-life testing. A pretty rare opportunity we’d say.AR is a pretty new field and as a new feature in cars we are concentrating on trying to patent it. We are literally at the edge of this. Wanna take a ride?
The Job:
  • Get involved in all stages of AR Studio development: architecture, design and implementation.
  • Ideate novel AR Studio features which will empower our users to develop their beautiful AR apps. File for patents if applicable!
  • Architect, design and implement high performance inter process communication (IPC) messaging system. This system must be on both x86 development platforms (Linux, Windows) and arm64 production platforms (QNX, Linux).
  • Communicate with engineers in the two other teams (AR SDK and graphics engine), and coordinate work dependencies.
  • Build interfaces between AR Studio and AR SDK and graphics engine.
  • Work with embedded automotive platforms such as Qualcomm ADP, Nvidia Orin, etc.
  • Modern C++ (14, 17, 20)
  • Cross-platform build systems such as CMake
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • 10+ years of experience in hands-on software development
  • Proven track of record in working in embedded systems
  • You get things done. Innovating an industry is a long journey, and it involves many small iterations.
  • You are collaborative. You are transparent about your work and kindly offer help and direct feedback to others.
  • Basically you are a tech wizard. You love engineering and you have several hardcore engineering projects on both Linux and Windows platforms under your belt.
Nice to have:
  • Experience in 3D graphics tools: Blender, Autodesk Maya, Unity, or Unreal
  • Experience in tools programming
  • Experience in graphics programming
Please send your English CV and cover letter to  with the subject entitled ‘Sr SW AR Studio’. We can’t wait to meet you!