Senior Graphics Developer / Specialist

Let’s get down to it, are you a rigorous renderer? Are you an avid METAL fanboy/girl? Does Vulkan tickle your fancy? If you are highly stimulated by graphics APIs and game engines and C++ and Raytracing and Ambient Occlusion and Variable Rate Shading, but are sick of the CRUNCH time pressures at game companies, we have a hot new position for you..

The Job

Software development for high-end graphics rendering and architecture, unit testing and integrating applications on top of Basemark’s Rocksolid graphics and compute engine. You will work in Agile/kanban teams with a strong DevOps organization and freedom to take the hottest tasks to deepen your skills. Regular customer releases give valuable feedback and priorities and provide regular validation of the work. While having the opportunity to focus on getting things done, you will also enjoy some variety of tasks to choose from. Ultimately you’ll see your work go out into the world, enjoying the feeling that ‘wow, I made that.’

2 Teams: GPUScore + RockSolid

Rocksolid™ is our lightweight, cross platform, API agnostic compute and graphics solution. It’s a graphics and parallel computing engine that is used for enabling autonomous drive development. Optimized for a small memory footprint and fast start-up time, Rocksolid ensures reliable real-time compute and rendering across heterogeneous hardware architectures. This is our flagship product where you get to help us identify and resolve complex problems as we refine and propel its evolution.

GPUScore is a GPU benchmark used by gamers and enthusiasts, media, and semiconductor companies. We develop high-end capabilities in the Rocksolid engine that are then used for benchmarking and keeping the Rocksolid engine on the bleeding edge. Enthusiasts use it for bragging rights ‘I’m faster than you are!’, while semiconductor companies give insights for the future and how to optimize for all of the latest API’s so we can meet them on the playing field. We have some incredibly talented guys here that are so bright they need Raytracing just to take a selfie…


  • Several years experience with game engines and rendering
  • Experience with DirectX 11 or OpenGL (ES) (you don’t need hand-holding when writing bone animations for a bare bones renderer)
  • Experience with GLSL / HLSL (also with compute shaders)
  • “Senior level” C++ experience (C++11 & 14) (you can independently solve problems and are comfortable with explaining those to others)
  • Comfortable with writing tests


  • Experience with Vulkan and/or DirectX 12
  • Experience with OpenCL and/or CUDA
  • Has implemented modern rendering techniques (Volumetric Effects, Ambient Occlusion, TAA etc…)
  • Experience in Computer Vision algorithms
  • Experience with spirv-cross / compilers
  • Interested in ray-tracing, variable rate shading, engine development


Does this sound like you? Send us your English CV to with the subject entitled ‘Graphics’. Good luck!