Senior Compute Engineer

Do you have experience in high-end mathematics and like to solve problems using algorithms and parallel computing? Can you go toe-to-toe with Star Wars trivia? Or better yet, have you seen TENET more than three times? (I only wish we could hire someone who could just talk about this epic film every day, full time)

The Job:

You will develop tools for heterogenous computing in embedded environments, demos, production API and engine code for Rocksolid (described below). You will solve complex problems working across multiple devices in an extensible manner, abstracting this up into a single API that handles graphics rendering and computing functions simultaneously. If you want to transition from graphics programming to GPGPU computing, or are a native compute engineer, we have something for you. Automotive is a new realm of practical product development, more and more high-end graphics and computing functions are needed to make our world safer and more efficient.

The Team: Rocksolid

Rocksolid® is our lightweight, cross platform, API agnostic compute and graphics solution. It’s a graphics and parallel computing engine that is used for enabling autonomous drive development. Optimized for a small memory footprint and fast start-up time, Rocksolid ensures reliable real-time compute and rendering across heterogeneous hardware architectures. This is our flagship product where you get to help us identify and resolve complex problems as we refine and propel its evolution.


  • Industry Production expertise in a Compute role
  • Experience developing numerical software
  • CUDA / OpenCL
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • Simulation of material sciences or medical imaging a plus
  • Computer vision experience
  • Special Purpose Compilers (would be nice: )

Please send us your English CV to [email protected] with the subject entitled ‘Compute’. We look forward to meeting you!