Senior 3D Computer Vision Engineer

Are you a talented C++ software engineer with a specialization in developing tracking and scene understanding methods for automotive augmented reality? Do you have experience with SLAM and Visual or Inertial Odometry? If you are looking to join an award-winning well-established Finnish start-up to work on the next generation of AR features, to revolutionize driving experiences worldwide, this may very well be your dream job!
BASEMARK: AR, automotive & compute/graphics software product company based in Helsinki, 80+ employees worldwide, satellite offices in Germany and the US. We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, GPU-compute programming and design.
The Job:
You will develop computer vision algorithms to perceive & understand the environment around the vehicle. Your algorithms will be used to enable the next generation of highly intuitive in-car Augmented Reality features that enhance the driving experience.
You will get to work closely with graphics engineers & technical artists to prototype new ideas for in-vehicle AR features that enhance driving experiences. You’ll own and drive the integration of AR scene perception algorithms into different types of displays & windshield computers. You will collaboratively work as part of a fast-paced team, you’ll analyze and optimize a growing C++ and Python codebase. And essentially you will co-design our product’s architecture and development plan.
These methods you will build will track and predict in real-time the motion of a vehicle based on sensor data using sensor fusion (steering, wheel speeds, imu, gps, video feeds, …) The algorithms will maintain a model of the environment around the vehicle (lanes, other vehicles, obstacles, …) and predict the environment forward in time. This will include calibration and latency compensation approaches to vehicle sensors (e.g. cameras, imu to vehicle frame). And you will optimize algorithms as needed on embedded hardware using the available accelerator chips.
– MSc in Computer Science, Robotics, or a related field
– Strong programming skills in C++, Python
– Experience working with real world sensor data, esp. in camera tracking, localization, and sensor fusion in real-time settings
– Experience with SLAM and Visual or Inertial Odometry
– Experience in some of: Linux, Git, ROS2, Numpy, OpenCV, Ceres Solver, g2o, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Jax
– Knowledge of different sensor modalities (e.g. lidar, radar), algorithms, parallel programming (CUDA/OpenCL/SYCL), embedded systems and deep learning is a plus
Wanna take a ride?
Please send your English CV and cover letter to  with the subject entitled ‘Senior 3D CV’. We look forward to meeting you!