Real-time 3D Graphics Programmer

Do you have experience programming with real-time 3D graphics, assembly demos or 3D game programming? If you have interest in creating cool interactive visualizations for automotive applications, we have the perfect new job for your summer job change:


We are a product house, and our professional services are the A-Team, the SWAT team, the Special Forces if you will. The Avengers? Hm, maybe. But there is no destruction here, only construction. As a collection of talented devs and designers, our team works on multiple next generation projects with key automotive OEMs worldwide. One example: we provide augmented reality (AR) solutions for infotainments and instrument clusters used by BMW (the only one we will disclose at this time).

The Job:

Your first mission (should you choose to accept it) would be to integrate a next-generation touch-based HMI controller with an existing Windows & Mac based graphics applications

delivered to our customer in the automotive domain. You will update the interactive visual frontend of the application graphics together with our technical artists. The driver would ultimately be able to control the infotainment graphics menu and visualizations through a dedicated controller pad via serial port / USB interface.

In order to control the graphics according to driver’s commands you should have knowledge in 3D calculations and related programming. Embedded programming experience helps you to succeed with the touch-based controller integration for Windows/Mac environment. Note however, the work does not need graphics design, which is already carried out by our technical artists. The work is more about bringing the graphics into life in a PC environment and making them responsive to the user’s commands through an external touch-based controller.

The candidate we are looking for is someone who has:

  • A few years of professional programming experience bringing 3D graphics assets with animations into life
  • Experience in Windows and Linux C++ development environments
  • Good mathematics skills related to 3D graphics
  • Can communicate very well in English, both written and spoken
  • “Can do!” attitude and positive mindset and willingness to learn

Bonus skills:

  • Previous experience in embedded systems programming
  • Previous experience controlling applications with external control signals through serial port / USB
  • Experience in macOS development

BASEMARK: As a company, we are getting close to 100 employees, we are 7 years old, we have millions in funding, we have software products being sold and used by customers, and now we are developing the world’s first complete software platform/solution/tools for automotive.

Our company description:

Whether it’s the merging of GPU compute and graphics in a real-time environment (by way of Vulkan and other modern APIs), real world autonomous intelligent systems, machine learning, computer vision, or safety-critical software solutions……we are shaking the earth by creating the world’s first end-to-end automotive software platform, and, tools for the software-defined car.

We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, GPU-compute programming and design. We have the customers, we have the technology, and we are scaling up our tech by productizing it and adding further compute and graphics capabilities as we change autonomous driving forever (and for the better). And with an infusion of millions in cash from investors, we are hiring more world-class experts to help us build our products to scale.

If you are ready to join the Finnish-led automotive revolution, please send your CV and cover letter to with the subject entitled ‘Real-time 3D’. We look forward to meeting you!