Graphics Developer

After one of the best Finnish Summers ever (climate wise), now let’s get back to work! Are you interested in real-time rendering? If you want to work with the latest graphics technologies, using graphics APIs like Vulkan, DirectX or Metal, and build something ridiculously cool, come check this out:

At Basemark

(, a 6 year old software company based in Finland with offices in Munich, Detroit, Seoul and Taipei, we make Brains for cars. Whether it’s merging Compute with Graphics in a real-time environment (by way of Vulkan GPU), real world autonomous intelligent systems, machine learning, computer vision, algorithms, or building upon AutoSAR Classic & Adaptive and Linux stacks for a safety critical full solution……we are shaking the Earth by creating the world’s first end to end automotive software platform.

We are world-class experts in real-time 3D graphics, compute programming and design. We have the customers, we have the technology, and we are scaling up our tech by productizing it and adding further compute and graphics capabilities as we change autonomous driving forever (and for the better). And with an infusion of millions in cash from investors and profit too, we are hiring more world-class experts to help us build our products to scale.

The Job

You will get to focus on software development for high-end graphics rendering and architecture, unit testing and integrating applications on top of Basemark’s Rocksolid graphics and compute engine. You will work in an Agile / Kanban team with the freedom to take the most interesting tasks to deepen your skills. Customer releases will give you valuable feedback and provide regular validation of your work. Your team is there too, for constant advancement and witty banter.

2 Teams Actually: GPUScore + RockSolid

GPUScore is a GPU benchmark used by gamers and enthusiasts, media, and semiconductor companies. Through this product, we develop high-end graphics capabilities in the Rocksolid engine, which are used for benchmarking and keeping the Rocksolid engine on the bleeding edge. On the basis of our product, semiconductor companies give insights for the future and how to optimize for all of the latest APIs so we can meet them on the playing field. Using Raytracing techniques, we are looking into developing our product one step ahead the trends.

Rocksolid™ is our lightweight, cross platform, API agnostic compute and graphics solution. It’s a graphics and parallel computing engine that is used for enabling autonomous drive development. Optimized for a small memory footprint and fast start-up time, Rocksolid ensures reliable real-time compute and rendering across heterogeneous hardware architectures. This is our flagship product where you get to help us identify and resolve complex problems as we refine and propel its evolution.


  • Experience with game engines and rendering
  • Experience with DirectX 11 or OpenGL (ES)
  • Experience with GLSL / HLSL (also with compute shaders)
  • C++ experience (C++11 & 14) (you can independently solve problems and are comfortable with explaining those to others)
  • Comfortable with writing tests


  • Experience with Vulkan and/or DirectX 12
  • Experience with OpenCL and/or CUDA
  • Has implemented modern rendering techniques (Volumetric Effects, Ambient Occlusion, TAA etc…)
  • Experience in Computer Vision algorithms
  • Experience with spirv-cross / compilers
  • Interested in ray-tracing, variable rate shading, engine development

Our Process:

Does this sound like you? Send us your English CV to: [email protected] with the subject entitled ‘Graphics’. Let’s do this!