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Hello and welcome to the Basemark blog. This is a place for anyone who shares our interest in the graphics and GPUs, either as an enthusiast, seasoned professional or someone looking to enter the industry. We’d like to open our doors to you and give a sneak peek into the hottest stuff in the graphics industry.

Basemark is a small but spicy company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with a specialty in real-time 3D graphics. We work with top tier hardware manufacturers using their latest hardware, drivers and APIs. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality performance services and cutting-edge engine technology. We want our work to help drive our partners towards new innovations in the industry.

We want to be the bridge between expectations and reality. Our mission is to enhance chipset performance through our specialized software, recognized industry talent, and 20 years of graphics heritage and data.

Our team is made up of leaders in benchmarking, computer graphics, GPU compute acceleration and real-time rendering. The use case for Basemark’s products covers technology in challenging vertical markets that, in addition to the features above, increasingly rely on machine learning. Applicability of the software we can offer includes numerous industries: automotive, manufacturing, aviation, military, machine vision, architecture & engineering, energy & utilities, and healthcare.

What we offer serves these verticals with performance far beyond other off-the-shelf toolkits, thanks to our leading real-time graphics and compute software solution for mission-critical industrial applications, which we call the RocksolidEngine. Additionally, we offer professional software development & graphics design services across embedded, industrial and enterprise markets. In addition to that, we develop a portfolio of a professional chip and system performance evaluation software.

Naturally, we couldn’t do this without our team, and the know-how we require makes Basemark a unique company to work for. We share a communal spirit, which goes beyond just providing its members with challenging work and a place to grow personally and professionally. We also put our fondness for our employees into action with a team culture focused on listening to everyone’s opinions, regardless of their experience level.

At Basemark we live by honesty and respect, transparency and openness, equality and trust. Working for Basemark is working in a community with a sense of humor, can-do -attitude, lots of opportunities and flexibility. The good news is that we’re looking to expand our team with like-minded people, and we will be publishing more about this very soon.

Stay tuned for our updates!


Liisa, Basemark