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Basemark Launches an Easy And Accurate System Power Consumption Measurement Solution

Helsinki, Finland, March 2, 2016 – Basemark announced today an easy-to-use and accurate Power Assessment Tool (PAT). With PAT, now anyone can do accurate power consumption measurements in mere minutes. There is no longer a need to physically remove the battery of a device under test and to weld connectors to terminals, a process which can be done only by highly competent experts and which often results in a destroyed or damaged device or inaccurate measurement results.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP of Marketing for Imagination: “Imagination’s PowerVR, MIPS and Ensigma IP cores are used extensively in a wide range of power sensitive products including mobile phones, tablets and IoT devices. We have been advocating for many years that benchmarks used for mobile and other power-sensitive applications need to include a means to measure performance taking into account power consumption under real operating conditions – that’s what really matters for end users. We are therefore delighted to see a credible solution for measuring power versus performance in almost any system, and have already started to use Basemark’s Power Assessment Tool in our labs. This is a great step forward for benchmarking real-world performance.”

“Basemark’s Power Assessment Tool provides valuable insight into the power consumption of mobile devices,” says Matthew Humrick, Mobile Editor at Tom’s Hardware. “It goes beyond software-based benchmarks by showing real-time system power usage for any workload, even common apps we use every day.”

“Measuring power consumption and analyzing performance of mobile devices is a tedious task. Unlike previous measurement devices on the market, Basemark managed to develop a tool which is custom tailored to each and every mobile device on market, and I am looking forward to testing many devices to come using Basemark’s Power Assessment Tool,” said Theo Valich, Founder, VR World.

“Our customers have been telling us for years that it is not enough for a benchmark company to only provide performance measurement information, but one also needs to account for how much power is consumed in producing a given output,” said Tero Sarkkinen, Founder of Basemark. “This is why I am so excited to launch PAT today to every embedded software and hardware developer out there.”

PAT is based on a patent pending innovation by Basemark whereby the power consumption is recorded through a USB port in real time. The solution consists of a device and desktop software. In an independent testing report made by TÜV Rheinland, it was found that the PAT has an average error margin with 1A measurement of only 2,3%. The full testing report is available upon request.


PAT is priced at 995 € + VAT for corporate customers. The unit includes a PAT device, desktop software for Windows PC and high-quality USB cables.

Availability, Ordering and More Info

Limited quantities of PAT are available immediately with broader availability in April. To order and for more information, please go to

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Basemark develops industry-leading system performance and power consumption analysis tools that are used by leading semiconductor and OEM companies around the world such as AMD, Imagination Technologies, Intel, NVIDIA, Renesas and Qualcomm. Its world-renowned product portfolio includes Basemark Metal, Basemark ES, Basemark X, Basemark OS and Browsermark. Basemark is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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