Machine Vision on Edge with Rocksolid

Basemark’s Rocksolid Engine helps to accelerate compute intensive mission critical applications. In this customer case study, our Rocksolid team increased the frequency of machine vision calculations by over 4 times. This significant increase in performance on the same hardware platform had a big impact – our customer was able to deliver a working product without having to invest in a more expensive System-on-Chip (SoC). Even more importantly, our Rocksolid Engine gives you the freedom to select and change hardware at any point – even during development.

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Is Metal Faster Than OpenGL ES?

Basemark Enables Apple Metal API Benchmarking

Basemark GPU Mobile 03Helsinki (Finland) September 9th, 2015 – Basemark debuted today Basemark Metal, an app that measures the graphics performance of the latest iOS devices supporting Metal graphics API. The Metal API gives a low overhead access to GPU, enabling developers to maximize the graphics and compute potential of their apps. The test workload in Basemark Metal is identical to the workload found in Basemark ES 3.1, an app that runs on the latest Android OpenGL ES 3.1 powered devices.

“Since Apple switched from using OpenGL ES to Metal API on their devices, it has been difficult, if not impossible, to compare the graphics performance between latest iOS and Android devices. While direct comparison will not be 100% possible ever due to the different capabilities and features of the respective graphics APIs, our launch today nevertheless is a major milestone in enabling objective comparison at the minimum common denominator level.” Said Tero Sarkkinen, Founder & CEO of Basemark.

Basemark Metal is available immediately at the Apple App Store as a free consumer download. Business users are required to license the corporate version by contacting Basemark. The corresponding product for Android, Basemark ES 3.1, was launched earlier this year and is currently available at Google Play. Basemark also publishes Power Board, a free online results comparison service. Interested readers can already check out current rankings at

About Basemark

Basemark develops industry-leading performance and power consumption measurement tools. Its world-renowned product portfolio includes Basemark Metal, Basemark ES, Basemark X, Basemark OS and Browsermark for browser performance testing. Basemark is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please visit

Basemark and Browsermark are registered trademarks of Basemark Ltd. All other mentioned brands may be property of their respective owners.

Power Board 3.0 is launched with brand new features

Basemark has just revamped Power Board, our objective phone/tablet ranking site based on over hundreds of thousands of benchmark scores collected from users worldwide who have downloaded and used Basemarks.

Power Board v3.0 has not only modern look and feel, but also two brand-new major features including Filter on the Ranking page, and a freshly added Compare page.

Customize your own ranking by Filter

Power Board 3.0 enables you to customize your own ranking list by using the Filter:
– Device type: phone or tablet
– OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or other
– Search by GPU or CPU or Operator or Device Name



Compare any phone or tablet with a few clicks

You can easily add any device from the ranking list to the Comparison basket, and compare the hardware info, the rank, and the performance of different phones and tablets.


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Basemark ES 3.1 Detects Bottlenecks in Android Devices

The Latest Edition of The World’s Most Popular OpenGL ES Benchmark Launched With Groundbreaking Analytics Features

Espoo, Finland – March 10, 2015 – Rightware launched today Basemark® ES 3.1, a brand new addition to Basemark product line, the world’s most widely adopted mobile benchmark. Basemark 3.1 enables professional and objective performance comparisons of mobile devices supporting the new graphics API OpenGL ES 3.1.

One of the groundbreaking new features in Basemark ES 3.1 is the ability to run custom tests by toggling various graphics features on or off. This innovation enables users to measure how specific graphical effects tax the device and to detect performance bottlenecks.

As with all its benchmarks, Rightware has developed Basemark ES 3.1 in close cooperation and under scrutiny of industry leading device manufacturers and processor vendors, such as ARM, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung and Qualcomm. This work is coordinated under Rightware’s Benchmark Development Program.

Basemark ES 3.1 is immediately available for both consumers and corporations. Individual consumers or developers can choose between the Free version and the Professional version, both available now on Google Play. Business customers should contact Rightware about acquiring a license for the Corporate version.

“In developing Basemark ES 3.1, we set the bar especially high. Not only did we want the product to be even better and more reliable than any of its predecessors, but we also strived to provide real innovation and new useful features.”  Said Tero Sarkkinen, Rightware’s Founder and General Manager of the Benchmark Business, “I am happy to say that we reached our goals and I believe customers will be quite happy with Basemark ES 3.1.”

More information about Basemark ES 3.1:

To download the consumer versions of Basemark ES 3.1, visit Google Play and search for Basemark. Please note that Basemark ES 3.1 only runs on OpenGL ES 3.1 enabled devices.

About Basemark Ltd

Basemark develops industry leading system performance analysis tools. The world renowned product portfolio includes Basemark ES for OpenGL ES, Basemark X for gaming, Basemark OS for platform and Browsermark for browser performance testing for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile powered devices. Basemark is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Basemark and Browsermark are registered trademarks of Basemark Ltd.

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