Basemark Management Team

Arto Ruotsalainen

Co-Founder & CEO

Arto is the captain of the mothership at Basemark. He’s one of those rare techies who has risen through the ranks to become CEO.

Arto started programming when he was 9 years old, studied Computer Science and Project Management at Tieturi, then finally started getting paid as a programmer in 2005 for Indiepath. He then made a name for himself at Hybrid Graphics and NVIDIA taking graphics driver development to new heights. After multiple hands-on and management roles at Futuremark, he moved naturally into the position of running and building Rightware’s global team and product, the Kanzi UI Solution.

In 2015, Arto and Tero founded Basemark together and acquired the graphics technology team from Rightware that they had been managing. Thus the core of Basemark’s expertise was born. Besides living on an airplane, Arto has lived in California, built teams and worked with customers in Asia, EU, and the USA.
Arto has an incredible network worldwide, and if you don’t know him, he probably knows you! His passion for technology is incendiary, helping propel Basemark’s place in today’s growing graphics and compute world.

Joshua Wert

VP Legal, and Administration

Mr. Joshua Wert is a patent expert as well as a startup advisor and investor. He began his career in Washington, DC as a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In 2010 Josh moved to Helsinki, FI and transitioned into private practice focusing on IT & software patent prosecution globally. Josh has been a regular lecturer on Intellectual Property Rights matters in Finland and abroad and is a well-respected expert in his field.

Josh was involved early on with Rightware in creating their patent portfolio which was a part of its successful exit in 2017. In 2016 Josh left his established partnership and started his own boutique IP firm in Helsinki, BelayIP Oy. In 2017 he was brought into Basemark as an Executive IP Advisor and was responsible for defining as well as implementing Basemark’s intellectual property strategy. Currently, Josh is the VP for Legal & Administration where he manages Basemark’s growing global operations in addition to his existing IP role.

Board of Directors

Jussi Harvela

Board Director

Mika Heikinheimo

Chairman of the Board

Mika is one of the most successful software entrepreneurs in Finland. He founded IT Service company Symbio and grew it to become a company of over 1,800 employees operating in three continents. After a successful exit, Mika has dedicated his time to advising and investing in start-up companies.

Mika holds M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Tampere University of Technology.

Tero Sarkkinen

Founder & Board Director

Tero is a serial entrepreneur as well as startup advisor and investor. His professional career has involved being based in Europe, USA, and Asia. Throughout his 20+ years career, Tero has dedicated himself to computer graphics and has become a distinguished pioneer of real-time 3D graphics, possessing a deep understanding of both technology and business issues in the rapidly growing industry. Tero has now two successful business exits to his credit that have validated his path-breaking competencies in his domain
Tero was the founder and CEO of Rightware, which became the world #1 supplier of user interface visualization software to the global automotive industry. Rightware was acquired in 2017 by Thundersoft, Chinese publicly listed company, at a premium valuation. Before this, Tero was CEO of Futuremark, a well-known PC graphics company. Futuremark was acquired by United Laboratories of USA. In 2015, Tero and Arto founded Basemark, a company focusing on big data visualization and compute solutions for industrial markets.

Tero has M.Sc. (Econ and BA) From Aalto University, majoring in International Business Administration and has completed eMBA courses at Stanford and ESADE Barcelona. Amongst other accolades during his career, he was nominated as Software Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 by Finnish Software Industry and Entrepreneurs Association. Aside from his native country of Finland, Tero has worked seven years in Silicon Valley and two years in Shanghai. He lives currently in Switzerland.

Klaus Zimmer

Board Director

Klaus is incredibly experienced and successful IT executive. He’s former Senior Vice President of SAP and currently serves as Member of the Board and Member of the Corporate Management team at Neusoft Corp. In his 35 years career, he’s lived besides his native of Germany, extensively in Asia. With more than 30 years of experience in the China and Asia business, he’s undoubtedly our best expert of the region.

Klaus has raked in numerous awards and accolades. For example, he was the first foreigner to be awarded as Most Valuable Entrepreneur by Chinese government in 2006. In 2008 he was awarded as one of 35 IT Legends of China. Klaus is frequently interviewed in TV and has appeared in CNN, CNBC, CCTV, etc.

Klaus holds Masters Degree in Business and Economics from Universität Trier and has completed MBA and eMBA courses at Harvard Business School and INSEAD.